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Social Media Hospitality Marketing

Social networking media sites can extend a company’s web presence far beyond the limits of e-commerce, lead generation or lead generation sites.  Pure Infusion’s creative marketing team believes that today’s social network alternatives will transform the methods and practices that corporations meet client demands while simultaneously increasing market reach and market share.  Social networking will continue to build the brand awareness of products and services by attraction rather than interruption.

Social network marketers engage their clients in dialog about their products and services while simultaneously building market intelligence about their brand image.  This on-line marketing vehicle can also facilitate post-sale support and dissemination, of valuable marketing and product information to consumers.

Pure Infusion will create your networking on-line accounts, complete your corporate profiles and subsequently manage the daily information management and dissemination of network feedback.  On-line social networking websites that are supported by Pure Infusion include:

Facebook Twitter Foursquare Instagram LinkedIn