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About Pure Infusion

Our History

Pure Infusion provides bold, distinct branding solutions for the hospitality industry.  Whether your venue is a corner bar, a dynamic downtown nightclub, waterfront restaurant, boutique hotel, luxury spa, community golf course or a family entertainment center, Pure Infusion has dynamic branding alternatives for your unique location.  From marketing communications to website design to event management and public relations, Pure will guide you through the complexities of successfully marketing your brand! 

Diligent brand and product positioning will sustain your corporate hospitality identity while simultaneously increasing awareness and brand recognition.  The creation of your brand positioning requires multi-level integration of corporate goals and objectives through precise strategic planning.

Effective hospitality, brand identity perimeters are created through systematic preparation and insightful analysis of your marketplace, customer demand and competitive influences.  Pure Infusion will manage your hospitality brand development process through strategic planning, corporate messaging and by defining the guidelines and standards by which your valued brand will be consistently represented and maintained.

Pure Infusion | Branding perspectives for the hospitality industry…


Bars (including cigar bars and wine bars) present some of the most creative branding opportunities of all businesses. The unlimited ability to theme your bar in a unique and distinct provides endless branding potentials. This also means your competitors have plenty of opportunities as well, so it is important to take a multi-faceted approach to marketing and branding your bar for success.

If your bar is not, branded then you are just another bar. There is nothing special about you. If there is nothing special about you, what do you have to entice customers to spend their evenings at your venue, especially when your competition is constantly telling everyone how special they are?

A bar brand exudes passion, creates awareness and recognition in addition to generating sales. It identifies the theme and atmosphere of your venue and what experience your clientele can expect. That is why it is so important to properly, and thoughtfully brand your bar.  Though it can be tempting to hit the market running, taking the time to carefully, develop your bars’ branded image is well worth the investment. It can even mean the difference between failure and success.


What are the benefits of an experience at your nightclub? Consider whether you provide the best atmosphere, music, food, service, seating, prices, drinks, crowd, and any other benefits that make your venue more enjoyable for your customers and guests.

Who comes to your nightclub, and why? Which of your benefits are the major motivators for your clients? Don't make assumptions here; you should ask your customers why they like coming to your night club. Maybe it's the music, maybe it's the drinks, maybe it's the overall vibe, and maybe it's something else entirely. One thing is for certain, if your nightclub can attract a good crowd with similar interests, it will become a well-recognized and respected brand.

Where are you now, and where do you want to take your nightclub? What are your core values? How do you do what you do? Your branded identity should reflect not only who you are now, but also who your customers are, and what they want to be.

Your nightclub company logo colors, website, advertisements, marketing materials, and other collateral are all a reflection of your brand; so familiar, consistent design must be, applied to all mediums. The goal is for customers to be able to glance at your materials and instantly recognize who it's from and what you stand for. When you achieve that, you've developed a compelling nightclub brand.


A cohesive and unique design concept will make your restaurant stand out. By creating a consistent and cohesive design concept for your marketing materials an interior and exterior restaurant design, you can help customers remember your brand and the experience they had at your restaurant.  If you can get customers to associate your restaurant with a color, especially an appetizing one, you will create a consistent image for your brand and make it easier for customers to remember you. Match your restaurant design color scheme to your marketing materials.

Having a unique logo is an essential aspect of restaurant branding. Once your customers begin associating your logo with your brand, the emblem alone will be enough marketing material to create brand awareness. In order to send a consistent message about what your restaurant has to offer, your logo should match the rest of your concept.

Put your logo on all of your branded marketing materials, including advertisements, signs, takeout bags, merchandise and menus. The more customers that see your logo, the more memorable your marketing message will be.  You can use your logo in your interior restaurant design to match your marketing materials. Consider placing your logo on your outdoor sign, outdoor and indoor menus, posters on the walls, above the bar and near the point of purchase (POP).  All of these elements combined will significantly contribute to having a dynamic brand for your restaurant.


The last two years reinforced the importance of new branding channels for the hospitality industry, including social media and mobile marketing. These channels present new challenges and new opportunities for hotels to interact with their target audiences.  As these channels develop further, more and more customers will interact with hotels only through these channels making it equally, if not more important, that a property’s brand is strong and consistent throughout these channels as well.
Some things to consider when planning your mobile and social media strategy:  It is not necessary to develop a brand new mobile website. Instead, ensure that your current website is, optimized from the mobile web. Keep in mind that graphics and multimedia content will not necessarily be viewable on the mobile web so keep it clean and plan accordingly.

Although there are hundreds of social media channels to choose from, it is virtually impossible to, successfully maintain all of them. Choose the top 3 to 5 channels that most often are used by your target audience and make sure that your strategy is effectively implemented through those sites. If you are not sure which to choose, start out with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which combined will give you good exposure to a wide variety of demographics. Facebook and Twitter are best for communicating with consumers and LinkedIn is a great tool from a corporate communications perspective.


Your spa branding is the visual (and/or verbal) representation of what your spa stands for— based on everything from its spiritual or medical purpose to a simple icon that holds a special meaning.

The more that can be uncovered and discovered during the all important discovery phase, the more your branded look/message can be a true symbol and reflection of the highest, vision you hold for the unique experience your spa provides, and the foundation for your marketing materials or branding programs.

Golf Courses/Resorts

No matter how spectacular your golf facility and services are, effectively communicating the overall experience to potential course or resort guests is critical to your success.  Therefore, your facilities brand identity has to be a unique reflection of your venue’s capabilities and purpose.  Today, with new golf courses opening around the country, it is imperative that you find a branded identity and voice that separates your courses unique feel, mission, services and overall experience.

In golf course branding, as with branding in general, there are some essential preliminary steps to be, taken before the actual graphic design process of the corporate identity can begin. The most important thing to remember is that branding your golf course is a building process that should be a creative journey and a shared experience with your marketing or graphic professionals.

Entertainment (Bowling) Centers

One of the most essential things that will be a factor towards the long-term sustainable success of your Entertainment Center business is setting out and implementing a successful branding and marketing strategy.  Entertainment Center businesses that have the vision to create a vibrant, customer-focused brand strategy, and the resolve to implement it, will have a realistic opportunity to make a positive impact on their business.